A/C Work

Air Conditioning Servicing, Installation, and Repair

As a Mitsubishi dealer, we install, service, and repair air conditioning ductless mini splints in your home. Extremely quiet and ultra reliable, these air conditioning units are ideal for spaces that do not have built in ductwork; from additions to your home to your home office and even to outdoor spaces dk-apotek.com.

Choose an extremely quiet way to cool your home.

Similar to central air conditioning and heating, ductless mini splint air conditioning units will make you forget about the days when you had bulky, loud air conditioning systems. With a compressor that is outside of your home, you’ll only see the small, practically silent wall-mounted units in your rooms.

Efficient, subtle cooling.

You’ll find your air conditioning system quickly and efficiently cools the room(s) that the unit(s) are installed in. With their easy-to-use functionality, you’ll have the ability to find the ideal temperature for each space in your home. Plus, the units’ sleek design won’t take away from your home or office’s décor like a traditional unit would!

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